Friday, February 10, 2012

I've been following Mass Effect as an IP since the first screens started appearing on the internet.  I was amazed at the virtual actors and the settings.

From Mass Effect 1, I've been playing a female Shepard.  Tweaked just the way I wanted.

Earth-born, forced to survive the slums and gangs.
Sole survivor on Akuze.

Short hair, light chip on her shoulder.

I played this character five or six times on ME1, then imported her in ME2, where she beat the Collectors and destroyed their base (no base for YOU, Illusive Man).

She's ready for ME3.  Ready to face the music concerning her actions in Arrival.

Bioware now finally is using femshep in their advertising.

Here is their canon femshep:

Good to see you in the spotlight, femshep!

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