Friday, January 8, 2010

Sophia Harlow has thrown a challenge to take a look back and compare our avatars then and now.

I started off humbly, noobishly and naively on Help Island. Spent an entire week there, learning little bits of scripting, building, inventory management and the like. I met the Mentors regularly and some are still friends today, 4 years later.

Anyway, here's me taking my first baby steps in SL:

That didn't last very long. A male avatar just didn't work for me. I wanted/needed something that represented more who I was, who I felt like at the time. After a few weeks of tweaking, this felt closer to the mark:
Yes I was totally boobular, I realize that now :D This was not out of some fetish or for what I desired. Honestly they didn't feel *that* big at the time, standing next to models on the catwalk (they were HUGE). I loved modelling in SL, making my own poses, having fun chatting with the other models.
This shape I was completely comfortable in. It felt "me". However once I came out (being male in RL) modeling contracts dwindled, but the sense of freedom I gained from being at peace with my RL gender and my avatar made me very happy. I thank my RL/SL wife for this.
Here's me now, 4 years later and hopefully wiser. My boob size went down three times, but my face never changed.

I'm still "me", but I have changed in those four years. Changed in RL and in SL. I know myself better than I did before.