Friday, April 4, 2008

Sailing in SL

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a nice set of sims dedicated to sailing at Sailor's Cove. Twenty-seven sims altogether, with some of the nicest terrain elevations I've seen during my time in SL.

The architecture is entirely east coast and very relaxing. The pull of the water is unmistakable, and after being there for less than an hour I was looking to purchase a good sail boat. My previous one was built on the tako 2.x script, I learned, and wouldn't work with anything else but SL wind. SL wind is way too erratic to sail by (something that I hope will someday be fixed) so I purchased a Tetra 35.

I've been sailing around the area ever since and took up friends and of course, my Baby.

It turns out the area is separated by one sim block from Nantucket/Hollywood sims, which is another huge area dedicated to sailing. I hear there have been disputes on the topic of connecting both sets...I do hope to sail across the entire series unninterrupted sometime.

Sailor's Cove hosts live music events almost daily, as well as races for novice sailors to experienced.

Check it out!

Roenik Newell's Arrrrrr! photosetRoenik Newell's Arrrrrr! photoset

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